The William T. Grant Foundation invests in high-quality research focused on reducing inequality and improving the use of research evidence in decisions that affect young people in the United States.

Research Grants

Six New Research Grantees Announced

We’re pleased to announce six new research grants awarded in October, 2016. Five grants will focus on programs, policies, and practices that reduce inequality in youth outcomes, and one will focus on improving the use of research evidence in ways that benefit youth.

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Featured Work

Closing the Opportunity Gap Initiative: Finding Solutions for Our Kids

Reflecting on the odds of upward mobility in light of a widening opportunity gap in the United States, Harvard’s Robert Putnam states simply: “Any notion that you can ‘pull yourself up by your boot straps’ sounds ridiculous now.”

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Improving the Use of Research Evidence

Studying Ways to Improve the Use of Research Evidence: Is Your Proposal a Good Fit?

We want to know what it takes to get research evidence used and what happens when it is used.

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