Supporting Research
to Improve the Lives of Young People

The William T. Grant Foundation invests in high-quality research to ensure that young people from diverse backgrounds reach their fullest potential.

Trust and the Use of Research Evidence

By Robert Asen 

The use of research evidence takes place within the web of human relationships. Forming and maintaining relationships built on trust is a critical factor in determining whether research is used and how it's interpreted. 


Keys for Improving the Education of Low-Income Children

By Greg J. Duncan and Richard J. Murnane

Income inequality in the U. S. is threatening socioeconomic mobility for low-income students as school achievement and attainment have become determined by the income and education of their parents.   


William T. Grant 2013 Annual Report

Download our 2013 Annual Report for essays on our current interests in reducing inequality and the use of research evidence. 


Inequality is the Problem--What's our Response?

Adam Gamoran

Social policies can alleviate many of the serious economic and social consequences of mounting inequality in the U.S. High-quality social science research can play an important role in identifying programs, policies, and practices that are most effective.