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March 2018

Foundation News & Events

The William T. Grant Foundation has awarded six Rapid Response Research Grants that will leverage research to address major challenges facing young people in the United States. These awards, the first of their kind, support reviews of existing research, conducted by researchers in collaboration with policy partners, aimed at reducing youth inequality. Such work is […]

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Reducing Inequality

By expanding and equalizing youth civic engagement, we can begin improve youth outcomes. Research helps by making diagnoses and solutions more rigorous and precise, but youth must be part of the conversation.

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Featured Grantee

Fred Wulczyn and Amy Dworsky are investigating how the outcomes of youth in congregate care settings vary by state, and whether and how this variability contributes to racial and ethnic differences in rates of youth running away from foster care.

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Applying for Grants

Improving achievement for English learners by strengthening educational policy and practice would contribute meaningfully to reducing inequality in the outcomes of young people in the United States. In this webinar, Foundation president Adam Gamoran outlines lessons from the literature on academic tracking, which may yield new directions for research toward this end. Karen Thompson, of […]

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