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September 2019

Insight & Analysis

I share my reflections on the past decade of work in this area, as well as my current thinking, with the hope that we, along with fellow travelers on a similar journey, can find ways to forge a more productive path forward together. In the meantime, I welcome your feedback to improve our thinking and work, and I look forward to continuing to share what we are learning across sectors and countries.

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Featured Work

In June 2019, Michigan’s Attorney General dismissed all criminal cases connected to the Flint water crisis. This crisis, which hit the headline news in early 2016, exposed as many as 8,000 children under age six to extreme lead levels in drinking water. Many Americans were left wondering: What effect would this have on the community, […]

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“Seeing the light of evidence in dark times”

There are signs that data, evidence, and rigorous evaluation persist even in these dark times for science and public policy in the United States. What will it take to keep the light of evidence burning and ensure that the best science informs important decisions of our time? Adam Gamoran shares some ideas in this week’s […]