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Read our 2014 Annual Report

In addition to profiles of grantees and messages from our President and Board Chair, our new Annual Report includes two substantive essays on topics related to our research focus areas. Senior Program Office Kim Dumont reflects on what we’ve learned over five years of funding studies on the use of research evidence in decisions that […]

Foundation News & Events

Pennoyer has extensive experience raising capital for private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds from institutional investors throughout the world.

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New Report: Use of Research Evidence: Social Services Portfolio

Outlining specific opportunities and challenges that policymakers and practitioners face in integrating research evidence into their work, Susan Maciolek highlights the complexity of the use of research evidence in policy and practice, and provides examples of the potential value it may add to youth-serving systems.

Grant Announcements

Nine researchers have been named as the newest recipients of William T. Grant Foundation awards. The grants announced this cycle include the first research projects funded under the Foundation’s focus on understanding the programs, policies, and practices that can reduce inequality among young people in the U.S. Through this new focus area, launched in 2014, […]

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Insight & Analysis

It is time for all of us to give education research the attention it deserves.

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President's Comment

I’m excited to meet up with colleagues and talk about important topics in education research and practice at the upcoming meeting of the American Education Research Association.

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Higher Education

What will it take to improve the quality of instruction in higher education? An important first step is the ability to measure quality.

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Reducing Inequality

How can a global perspective inform policies to reduce social inequality and improve social mobility?

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Scholars Program

We are pleased to announce the 2015 class of William T. Grant Scholars. Launched in 1982, the Scholars Program supports the professional development of promising early-career researchers in the social, behavioral, and health sciences. To date, the program has sponsored more than 150 up-and-coming researchers. Each Scholar will receive $350,000 to execute rigorous five-year research […]

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