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New Report Outlines Areas for Research to Reduce Inequality for Immigrant-Origin Children and Families

In Intersecting Inequalities: Research to Reduce Inequality for Immigrant-Origin Children and Youth, Carola Suárez-Orozco and colleagues explore how inequality plays out along six dimensions of disadvantage particular to immigrant-origin families, outline how developments in educational and family contexts can alleviate unequal outcomes and opportunities, and introduce four broad areas of future research that may inform […]

William T. Grant Scholars Program 2015 Application Guidelines Available Now

The William T. Grant Scholars Program is for early-career researchers in the social, behavioral, and health sciences. We encourage Scholars to tackle important questions that will advance theory, policy, and practice for youth. Applicants identify new methods, disciplines, or content they want to learn, and propose five-year research plans that foster their growth in those […]

Youth Services Improvement Grants

Getting in to college is no longer enough. Students have to leave with a degree.

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New Report: The New Forgotten Half and Research Directions to Support Them

Extant research has already begun to shape the national conversation about higher education, but future research, especially in the areas outlined here, can give way to a better understanding of the types of smart policies and reforms that will improve outcomes for young people and the institutions that serve them.

Use of Research Evidence

Increasing research rigor is not sufficient, and making evidence available on a website won’t get it used. Users need ongoing engagement around research.

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Justice System

John Laub’s new paper outlines areas where researchers might focus their efforts in order to identify responses to inequality in the justice system.

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Featured Grantee

The freedom to criticize the system reflects, in part, the safety net of privilege.

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New Report: Understanding Inequality and the Justice System Response

John Laub argues that social inequality both contributes to and is magnified by inequality in the justice system, and outlines areas where research may yield effective responses.

Use of Research Evidence

In their new book, funded in part by the William T. Grant Foundation, Ron Haskins and Greg Margolis analyze how the Obama administration has incorporated rigorous evidence of program effectiveness into domestic initiatives on issues ranging from K-12 education to teen pregnancy prevention. Learn more at Brookings.

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Use of Research Evidence

Here are five lessons my colleagues and I have learned through a decade of work at the William T. Grant Foundation to bridge research to policy.

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New Resource: Research-Practice Partnerships Microsite

Visit our new “one-stop shop” for building and maintaining successful collaborations between researchers and practitioners in education. The resource-rich site is a collaboration between the Foundation and the Forum for Youth Investment.

New Resources for Guidance on Applying for 2015 Research Grants and Fellowships

Updated for 2015, our new application guides describe the Foundation’s research focus areas and provide answers to frequently asked questions about the application process for research grants and Distinguished Fellowships. In these new guides, we’ve outlined our priorities for the research we support, our criteria for funding, and the procedures for submitting a letter of […]

Applying for Grants

I’d like to share advice with potential applicants about developing a letter of inquiry for our reducing inequality focus area.

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Scholars Program

Ten early-career researchers have been selected from a pool of 64 applicants after a rigorous review by our staff and Selection Committee. Vivian Tseng, Vice President, Program, said of the finalists, “This year’s cohort demonstrates a tremendous amount of expertise, strength, and disciplinary diversity. The finalists each show great promise for advancing their respective fields […]

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Grant Announcements

Seven researchers from a range of disciplines, including education, public policy, and human development, are the newest recipients of William T. Grant Foundation awards. All of the projects will contribute to an understanding of the programs, policies, and practices that can improve the lives of young people. Two of the awards will strengthen an understanding […]

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