Capacity-building and Communication Grants to Support Connections Between Research and Practice

Two new grants have been awarded to organizations working to enhance the use and usefulness of research and call attention to issues that affect young people in the United States.

American Educational Research Association

As part of its centennial celebration, the American Educational Research Association will focus its annual conference on promoting public scholarship. The Foundation’s grant will support a day-long Academic Deans Conference immediately preceding the main conference and a Strand of Public Scholarship Sessions during the conference. The Deans Conference will convene education school deans and other university leaders to focus on: 1) how to define public scholarship, 2) the criteria for what is considered meritorious scholarship, 3) metrics to measure and evaluate public scholarship, and 4) ways to align public scholarship with the missions of different academic institutions. The Strand of Public Scholarship sessions will consist of presentations designed to convey rigorous research for a broader audience, including education policymakers. The sessions will cover four major themes: the science of learning; preparing students for college, career, and lives of well-being; equitable access and opportunities for all students; and interventions, implementation, and taking to scale evidence-based ideas.

National Public Radio

Through reporting and features on a range of topics in education, the economy, health, crime, and housing, National Public Radio (NPR) has long brought attention to trends and developments that affect young people and families in the United States. The Foundation’s 2016 grant represents a continuation of our ongoing support of these valuable efforts.

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