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Use of Research Evidence

In this video, produced by the Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services, Vivian Tseng challenges the traditional paradigm of moving from “research to practice.” She suggests that researchers and evaluators need to think differently about the ways that research is acquired and used, and she describes steps […]

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Reducing Inequality

Prior research and development demonstrate that social policies can reduce inequality and its effects on young people, yet wide disparities remain. Substantial new efforts are needed to identify approaches that will reduce inequality in youth outcomes for future generations.

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Insight & Analysis

Technological advances and globalization have transformed the American economy over the past four decades, posing enormous challenges for America’s public schools. The advanced skills needed to earn a good living in today’s labor market have placed greater demands on our nation’s schools. Strong skills and post-secondary educational credentials determine labor market earnings much more than […]

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Featured Work

When policymakers, practitioners, and others use research evidence, they do so within a web of human relationships. The strength of research evidence alone doesn’t guarantee consistent interpretation or its implementation. But the quality of relationships does matter when it comes to understanding and using research evidence–and trust is a critical factor for determining the quality […]

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