New Capacity-building and Communication Grants to Support Connections Between Research and Practice

Two new grants have been awarded to organizations working to enhance the use and usefulness of research and develop the capacity of Foundation grantees to conduct mixed-methods research:

Coaching and Mentoring to Help Researchers Increase the Likelihood that Research is Used to Inform Policy
Scholars Strategy Network

This award will provide focused coaching and mentoring to support Foundation grantees in cultivating relationships with policymakers and civic intermediaries, with the goal of increasing the likelihood that their research findings will be used to reduce inequality in youth outcomes.

The Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) will provide a cohort of 14-20 of the Foundation’s grantees with targeted coaching and mentoring to cultivate relationships with policymakers and promote the use of research evidence in ways that benefit youth. The program will be grounded in the lessons that SSN has learned through its Foundation-supported workshop on policy engagement, which is based on findings from our use of research evidence portfolio, and in organizing similar activities for another foundation’s grantees.

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Capacity-building Project
Timothy C. Guetterman, Michael D. Fetters, and John W. Creswell, University of Michigan

This award provides grantees with consultations and a workshop to build their capacity to conduct mixed-methods research that integrates qualitative and quantitative methods.

The William T. Grant Foundation has provided grantees and select applicants with access to mixed-methods consultation services since 2007 and has supported a mixed-methods workshop since 2008. The University of Michigan Mixed Methods Program (MMP) is the new provider for these services, which help Foundation grantees and other researchers address issues related to qualitative and mixed methods data collection, coding, analysis, interpretation, and publishing. MMP faculty will also organize a mixed-methods workshop for William T. Grant Scholars and research grantees in Spring 2019.