Eli Lieber writes, “As co-directors of the Fieldwork and Qualitative Data Research Laboratory in the UCLA Center for Culture and Health, Dr. Tom Weisner and I work with a range of funding organizations and agencies to support research teams in thinking through and writing mixed-methods proposals and putting research plans into motion. Our part in the William T. Grant Foundation’s longstanding effort to encourage and support mixed methods research has centered on helping mixed-methods teams clearly articulate their research questions, formulate designs that are well-aligned to those questions, and develop plans to implement the design in as efficient a manner as possible. In reflecting on this work, four elements stand out as critical to the development of high-quality mixed-methods proposals: foregrounding the research question, methods planning and consistency throughout the proposal, code system development and application, and co-mingling data and mixed method data analysis”

Download the PDF below or read this essay online in the first issue of the William T. Grant Foundation Digest.

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