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Featured Work

When policymakers, practitioners, and others use research evidence, they do so within a web of human relationships. The strength of research evidence alone doesn’t guarantee consistent interpretation or its implementation. But the quality of relationships does matter when it comes to understanding and using research evidence–and trust is a critical factor for determining the quality […]

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Featured Grantee

With more than five-million English-language learners in U.S. schools, a research-based consensus is needed to assess classroom practices that promote their school achievement. Classroom Qualities for English Language Learners in Language Arts Instruction (CQELL) is an observation tool that can help define and identify effective language instruction in elementary schools. English-language learners (ELLs) represent over […]

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Applying for Grants

Are you considering applying for a research grant from the William T. Grant Foundation? This webinar provides an overview of our research grants program and outlines our current focus areas: reducing inequality and understanding the use of research evidence:

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Grant Announcements

Of the six projects, four address youth settings and one tackles the use of research evidence in the court system. Another will support a Fellow who will explore how community organizations use research to reduce children’s exposure to violence.

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