Applying for the Institutional Challenge Grant: Webinar and New Resources

The Institutional Challenge Grant encourages research institutions to build sustained research-practice partnerships with public agencies or nonprofit organizations in order to reduce inequality in youth outcomes. To do so, research institutions will need to build the capacity of researchers to produce relevant work and the capacity of agency and nonprofit partners to use research. Equally important, research institutions will need to shift their policies and practices to value collaborative research.

On May 2, Senior Program Officer Kim Dumont hosted a webinar to discuss the goals of the program, outline selection criteria, and provide examples of the types of work we hope to see in proposals.

Download the slides here.

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 2:

In addition to detailed application guidelines, we’ve also developed illustrative examples to guide potential applicants through the kinds of partnerships, research agendas, fellowship and capacity-building activities, and institutional shifts we expect to see in proposals.

Learn more about the new institutional challenge grant program.