Behind the Book (2019) – used grant to develop a white paper to ensure that their programs are grounded in the most recent research in the field of literacy engagement, designed to meet the needs of an underserved, largely minority population, and provide concrete evidence of the impact of their work to scale their programming

Dare to Revitalize Education through Arts & Mediation (2019) – used grant to establish the organization’s first robust, standardized evaluation system that will fully capture the impact of its work on youth and educators

I Challenge Myself (2019) – used grant to hire their first dedicated development staff

Marcy Lab (2020) – used grant to hire and retain a seasoned grant writer

Made in Brownsville (2020) – used grant to hire a Communications Manager to fully leverage their organization’s rebrand and drive organizational communications strategy

Educational Video Center (2020) – used grant to develop and implement a strategic plan

The Arthur Project (2021) – used grant to redesign website and implement comprehensive data analysis platform

The Alex House Project (2021) – used grant to contract for a part-time social worker to update their in house workforce development program

Gardiner Foundation (2022) – used grant for improved program planning to support the expansion of their flagship program, Tru Talk

Teachers & Writers Collaborative (2022) – used grant to recruit and hire a full-time development director to lead fundraising efforts

Brooklyn Boatworks (2022) – used grant to procure a robust database system to monitor student attendance and involvement in programs, communicate and reach students effectively and consistently, and use evaluative data to improve program outcomes