Building Stronger Research-Practice/Policy Connections in Child Welfare

The Administration on Children, Youth and Families has encouraged child welfare agencies to use evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for children. The Child Welfare League of America’s (CWLA) mission and membership are well-aligned to assist with this challenge.

CWLA will leverage its membership system of public and private agencies, practitioners, policy makers, and researchers to strengthen the connections between research and practice and between research and policy. CWLA will convene researchers and their child and family services members to develop recommendations for integrating research and practice to improve outcomes for children. This planning grant will help CWLA build stronger relationships with the research community, develop a special edition of the Child Welfare Journal on research to practice, and organize sessions on the topic at CWLA’s National Conference. It will also lay the groundwork for a second phase to aid it in developing and implementing a long-term strategy to foster research-practice partnerships.

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