The Foundation’s grantmaking adheres to an agreed upon set of protocols. The grant review and award process is guided by a set of principles that are regularly revisited by the Foundation’s Board and staff.

From these principles, the Foundation developed a set of grant review procedures similiar to those used by the federal research agencies.

Our grantmaking process seeks to:

  • help applicants, reviewers, and potential grantees further their development as researchers
    be seen by all interested parties as objective and fair
  • be transparent to applicants
  • contain multiple checks and balances including perspectives from multiple disciplines
  • balance the risks and rewards of particular grants (for example, by funding grants in phases and making awards with contingencies)
  • support ongoing communication with grantees and potential grantees to achieve capacity-building goals
  • be flexible in working with grantees to enable them to produce the best possible product (for example, by making supplemental awards when useful); and use staff time and expertise strategically and efficiently
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