Equalizing Quality of Youth Services For Vulnerable Populations

This grant will support the development of curricula to improve the outcomes of youth with educational and developmental needs, as well as those involved with the justice, foster care, and homeless systems.

Resilience Advocacy Project (RAP) wants to improve Youth LEAP, a curriculum-based program that trains low-income youth to identify social problems in their communities and design concrete responses. RAP’s school-based participants have better outcomes than its system-involved participants, who are disconnected from communities and do not feel that the program is relevant to their lives. The current curriculum is also misaligned with the educational and emotional needs of some of the participants, and is delivered by facilitators who are demographically different from the participants. RAP proposes to create two additional tailored versions of its curriculum: one for system-involved youth, and another for students at low educational and developmental levels. Resilience Advocacy Project will also create a facilitators’ training program that includes anti-bias, cultural competency, and group-work training.

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