Bridging the ELA and Math Gap

Kids Creative wants to improve its Rock 2 The Bronx after-school program, which serves students from three elementary schools in community district 9.

Kids Creative students participate in the Create-A-Play program, where they rotate through two class periods of theater, music, art, dance, leadership, sports, and peace education programming, culminating in the creation of an original musical show at the end of the term. Participants at the Rock 2 The Bronx come from schools where students score below state averages in English Language Arts and math. Currently, Kids Creative’s curriculum is primarily arts-focused and not specifically aimed at academic improvement against state standards for ELA and math. Staff also lack the training to develop or support education curricula and related activities. To address these challenges, Kids Creative will use this grant to hire a director of education who will develop math- and literacy-focused activities to supplement current arts programming and train staff on how to implement elements of the new curriculum.

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