Increasing High School Graduation Rates for At-Risk Youth through Improved Portfolio Development Supports

This grant will support the development and implementation of a formal process to train teachers and volunteers to successfully guide students through a required portfolio process, and, ultimately, to graduation.

Comprehensive Development wants to improve its services to City-As-School (CAS) high school, where it provides a range of services to students, including legal assistance, medical referrals, tutoring, and college. In order to graduate from CAS, a transfer high school for over-age and under-credited youth, students must complete and defend portfolios that show their academic proficiency, and must also have written college and career plans. CAS has experienced a significant decline in graduation rates over the past few years, as it does not have a formal system in place to guide students through the portfolio process. Many students do not have the necessary writing and critical thinking skills to complete their portfolios. Comprehensive Development proposes to hire an education specialist to develop a portfolio process. This person will also create a guide for tutor-mentors, training protocols for volunteers, and a handbook of tips and best practices for students.

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