The Learning Agenda-Reducing Inequality Convening 2020

This grant will support the fourth annual convening of grantees in the Foundation’s focus area on reducing inequality

The Foundation’s fourth annual convening of reducing inequality grantees continues our effort to cultivate a learning community designed to support grantees in conducting their research, expand their networks across disciplines and fields, and increase the reach of their work to reduce inequality in youth outcomes. This convening will bring together grantees across programs, relevant policy actors, and external speakers. Working closely with senior Foundation staff, the team will develop the meeting objectives and agenda, poll grantees to identify their needs, and prepare sessions and speakers for their participation in the meeting. The convening will continue to extend and deepen conversations around focal themes including strategies for: 1) developing studies that address the macro-structural roots of inequality; 2) working across systems to reduce inequality; 3) developing rich conceptualizations of inequality; 4) exploring research on the disruption of power hierarchies as a means to reduce inequality; 5) making connections between policymakers, practitioners, and researchers who are interested in reducing inequality; and 6) furthering the Foundation’s efforts to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of grantees studying efforts to reduce inequality.

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