Gotta Grow-Capacity IT Project

This grant will support large-scale improvements to information technology systems and online communication tools at the Arthur Project.

The Arthur Project provides structured school- and community-based therapeutic mentoring focused on youth in grades 6-8. Mentors, recruited from New York City schools of social work, are each matched with 3-6 mentees. The pairs meet weekly to co-create and progress through individualized growth plans that are focused on school and career; finance; family, friends, and relationships; community and culture; and health and wellness. Once the pairs have developed rapport, they participate in small group work and eventually participate in community-based activities. The Arthur Project does not have an IT system sufficient for collecting data to track and measure the program’s impact. The organization’s website is also lacking in terms of content, functionality, and design. Together, these technological issues make it difficult for the Arthur Project to promote their programming and engage with internal and external stakeholders. Arthur Project’s proposed capacity-building plan will first identify and implement a new data analysis platform that is user friendly and cost-effective. The organization will then work with an outside consultant to audit its website and online communications. The Arthur Project will use the results of the audit to design and build an updated website.

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