Merit Badge System of Achievement

Groundswell’s Mural Apprenticeship programs are conducted after school and during the summer.

In these programs, 200 youth are paid apprentices who work with Groundswell professional artists and community-based organizations to create works of public art for underserved New York City communities. Groundswell wants to ensure that all its apprentices in mixed skill-level programs receive the individual support needed to take advantage of learning opportunities appropriate to his/her personal needs and abilities. Groundswell wants to design and launch a merit badge system to support, measure, and reward participants’ achievements in its programs. Groundswell will convene focus groups of staff, artists, Board members, and participants to identify and define mastery areas addressed by each apprenticeship program. Staff will use these benchmarks to design a merit badge manual where each badge will have a guide that outlines specific required learning and achievements necessary to earn the badge. Groundswell artists will be trained in the use of the merit badge system.

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