Training and Coaching to Help Scholars Ensure that Research is Used to Improve Policy

This award will enable the Scholars Strategy Network to provide regular trainings and individual coaching to help Foundation-supported investigators engage in the policy process, with the goal of increasing the likelihood that their research becomes more policy relevant and their research findings more used by policymakers.

The Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) will offer a series actionable trainings and individual coaching as needed to support grantees in developing the skills and tools necessary to engage in the policy process. SSN will also update further develop their current training curriculum on the use of research evidence, with a special focus on increasing support for researchers of color. To do so, SSN will conduct a literature review of recent findings in the use of research evidence field, as well as hold informational interviews with leading URE researchers. SSN will also interview policy-engaged researchers of color and survey researchers of color in SSN’s membership network to learn about their experiences and needs. Finally, in consultation with Foundation staff, SSN will develop two to three additional trainings to fill knowledge gaps and meet grantee needs.

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