Building Capacity and Bridging Research, Policy and Practice

The Forum for Youth Investment will advance grantees’ capacities to conduct and share research by connecting them with policymakers and by organizing grantee learning communities.

The Forum for Youth Investment has maintained a strong collaborative relationship with the Foundation since 2001, having organized a variety of grantee meetings as the Foundation’s focus areas have evolved. With this grant, the Forum will provide support and planning for the annual William T. Grant Scholars retreat, as well as continue its longstanding support for the Foundation’s annual Mentoring and Career Development workshop. To help build capacity in the field of research on the use of research evidence, the Forum will support four special interest groups comprising grantees, invited scholars, policymakers, and practitioners, as well as organize webinars that advance the field. In their work on equity in federal evidence use, the Forum will continue to provide technical assistance to the Corporation for National and Community Service’s evidence team and partner with them on webinars with the Office of Management and Budget on equity and evidence use. In addition to webinars, the Forum will write a paper for the federal Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs about integrating equity into evidence use activities.

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