Vital High School Voices: Technical Theatre Curriculum.

Vital Theatre Company produces original family musicals in its 108-seat theater and also provides arts-integrated education to three partner schools (800 students) in Brooklyn and the Bronx through Vital High School Voices.

Vital Theatre wants to improve Vital Voices, a program in which teaching artists and classroom teachers co-teach design workshops (which are integrated into core subjects). After school, students in good academic standing can learn technical theater elements such as set-building, lighting, and sound; they can also apply for a year-long internship at the company theater on weekends. Vital has noted that the curricula used for in-school, after-school, and internship components are not connected and do not reinforce each other or build learning year to year. Vital wants to hire a technical theater consultant and three professional designers to develop a four-year technical theater curriculum for grades 9–12 that would encompass its in-school, after-school, and internship programs. The consultant will provide technical training to teaching artists and school teachers and will train them and Vital staff to implement the new curriculum.

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