“There are steps we can take to reduce inequality”: Why universities should invest in public-interest research

In March, Rice University hosted William T. Grant Foundation President Adam Gamoran as the featured speaker at the Kinder Institute Forum, a lecture series bringing thought leaders from around the world to Houston to share ideas about today’s most pressing urban issues. Speaking in conversation with Kinder Institute Director Ruth N. López Turley, Gamoran remarked:

“Inequality in the U.S. is excessive. … Inequality is harmful. It is socially divisive, and it’s a drag on our economic productivity. There are steps we can take to reduce inequality. We need research to identify those programs, practices and policies that will in fact reduce it.”

In this recording, Turley and Gamoran discuss the role of research in reducing inequality, how to ensure that research gets used by decision-makers, the value of research-practice partnerships, and why universities should invest in more public-interest research.

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