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President’s Comment: A Message to Our Grantees

Dear Grantees of the William T. Grant Foundation,

While the world grapples with the crisis of COVID-19, each of us faces challenges in our own lives. As individuals and organizations working to study and serve our communities, much of our work depends on interacting with others. The barriers to pursuing these connections, caused by the need for social distancing, invariably create a source of pressure.

As a funder, we want to alleviate one sense of pressure you may feel: We intend to be as flexible and understanding as possible when it comes to your work. We recognize that changes may be necessary, and this will likely affect the progress of your work and the reporting of that progress. Please do not worry on our account about delays caused by the pandemic. You do not need to take any special steps to alert us to problems you are having, but rather can describe the changes in your next regularly scheduled report. If you have questions, we will be happy to respond now. Although we have shifted to a virtual office, we remain open for business and you can reach our program officers and grant administrators at their email addresses as usual.

For those of you who are already thinking of your next Research Grant application, we have decided to keep our next deadline for letters of inquiry at May 6, because we know there will be another deadline just around the corner in the first week of August.

Wishing you health and calm in this unsettling time,

Adam Gamoran
President, William T. Grant Foundation

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President's Comment

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