Four New Research Grants to Build Theory and Evidence in our Focus Areas

We are proud to announce four new research grants, including three to support studies on reducing inequality in youth outcomes and one to support a study on improving the use of research evidence.

Approved at the Foundation’s October Board meeting, these grants will build theory and empirical evidence in our two focus areas.

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Research Grants: Reducing Inequality

Hattie’s Influences on Student Achievement Under an Institutionally Racist System: What Works for Black and Brown Students?
What educational programs, practices, and policies are most influential for raising student achievement among Black and Latinx students in the United States?

Adam Kho, Erika Patall, Pedro Noguera, and Julie Marsh, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California; Lam D. Pham, College of Education, North Carolina State University
7/1/2023–6/30/2026, $600,000

The Promise of Marijuana Legalization to Reduce Racial Disparities in Youth Legal System Contact in New Jersey
How are young adult males’ experiences with and perceptions of the criminal justice system affected by reform and reparation components of marijuana legalization in New Jersey, and how do these experiences vary among Black, Latinx, and White youth?

Kathleen Powell and Jordan M. Hyatt, Dept. of Criminology and Justice Studies, Drexel University; Loni Tabb, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University; Nathan Link, Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice, Rutgers University, Camden
12/1/2022–11/30/2025, $544,030

Identifying Pathways to Employment for College Students
Does increased engagement with university career centers improve labor market outcomes among first-generation or students from low-income families attending elite universities?

Neil Thakral, Dept. of Economics and Watson Institute, Brown University; Linh Tô, Dept. of Economics, Boston University; Lisa Abraham, RAND Corp.
11/1/2022–10/31/2025, $417,950

Research Grants: Improving the Use of Research Evidence

Improving the Use of Research Evidence in Multilingual Learner Policy and Practice: Research-Practice Partnership Engagement with State Education Agency Leaders
How does engagement in a research-practice partnership improve the use of research by state education agency staff? Does participation in the partnership support state education leaders to shift policy development from a focus on compliance to a focus on social justice?

Hayley Weddle, Dept. of Educational Foundations, Organizations and Policy, University of Pittsburgh; Megan Hopkins, Dept. of Education Studies, University of California, San Diego
11/1/2022–10/31/2025, $609,612

Read more about funding criteria, eligibility, required documents, and applying online for research grants in both of the Foundation’s focus areas:

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