Managing Crisis in Turbulent Times

The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC) provides low-income girls with career training, arts, civic engagement, sports, and educational programs in school, after school, and during the weekends.

LESGC wants to improve its response to crises and staff training. LESGC staff and participants have experienced terrorism (e.g., 9/11), community and personal violence, and natural disasters (e.g., Hurricane Sandy). LESGC’s frontline staff, many of whom are 18–25, lack adequate skills in conflict and crisis management. They also suffer stress fatigue as a result of providing normal services while helping participants deal with crises. LESGC plans to develop an organizational crisis management plan, create ongoing staff training in crisis management and conflict resolution, and establish a support structure for staff to collectively process their own stress responses. LESGC will partner with Hunter College-Bellevue School of Nursing, Columbia University’s Criminal Justice Initiative, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, and the Lower Eastside Long-Term Recovery Coalition to develop plans and carry out staff training.

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