Mentoring and Career Development: Odgers and Wang

The William T. Grant Scholars Mentoring Grant was designed to support the professional development of William T. Grant Scholars and help more researchers of color reach higher levels on the career ladder.

Candice Odgers, William T. Grant Scholars class of 2014, is an associate professor at Duke University. Her mentee is Lin (Victor) Wang, a post-doctoral student. Wang is an Asian American third-year post-doctoral associate at the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University. Odgers is interested in developing a more strategic and mindful approach to mentorship, with special attention to the challenges that confront researchers of color. Wang hopes to expand his program of research to examine neighborhood settings and build new skills in mobile technology assessments. Odgers and Wang also plan to start a departmental seminar series focused on professional development for young academics of color.

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