Transiciones: Examining the Latino Transition to College in Support of Academic Equality

How do daily stress experiences and health behaviors contribute to successful academic achievement and integration in college for Latino students? Do cultural or institutional resources influence these pathways and ultimately college persistence?

Latinos have made large strides in higher education and are now the largest minority group at four-year institutions, but substantial inequalities continue to persist for this group. The transition to college is a critical juncture during which daily experiences of discrimination, family obligations, and life stressors influence youth’s well-being and academic success. Most prior research has only examined Latino youth after they arrive at an institution and has largely ignored the influence of day-to-day health and stressors on their academic trajectories. Doane’s project aims to (1) identify sources of stress and resources for Latino youth as they transition to college, (2) examine the experiences of Latino youth using daily assessments of stress and health before and after their transition to college, and (3) explore the influence of daily experiences and health on subsequent academic achievement and integration.

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