Writing Improvement Project

Summer on the Hill (SOH) wants to improve its grade 3–8 program, which provides 200 students recruited from New York City public schools with accelerated classes in language arts, math, science, and art along with guidance on school choices and SAT/ACT preparation.

Summer on the Hill (SOH) programs take place on the Horace Mann campus over 18 Saturdays during the school year and 6 weeks during the summer. SOH uses a modified version of the Horace Mann curriculum, but its participants have different academic needs and issues than students attending Horace Mann prep school. SOH plans to have a writing specialist develop a writing curriculum tailored to SOH students, which will include strategies and goals for writing at each grade level. The specialist will develop training and deliver materials to help faculty teach the new curriculum and assess the students. Finally, the specialist, with input from faculty, will create an ongoing curriculum map so that staff will know what students learned the previous year.

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