Reducing Inequality

These resources are geared toward applicants of the Foundation’s research grants on reducing inequality, but may also be helpful to Institutional Challenge Grant applicants as they develop research agendas.

If you are considering applying for a major grant or Officers’ research award in our reducing inequality focus area, we encourage you to closely evaluate whether your proposed study is a fit with our funding interests.
Proposing Research on Reducing Inequality: Is Your Study a Fit?
To begin shifting the underlying structures of inequality, scholars can harness the power of rigorous research to produce innovative, ground-breaking research that might further upend the narratives that inequality is inevitable or explained by individual differences.
Shifting the Lens: Why Conceptualization Matters in Research on Reducing Inequality
As you prepare your LOI, ask yourself: what strategy will I test, build, improve, or identify through this project that might reduce unequal outcomes among youth ages 5-25 in the …
Letters of Inquiry to Propose Research on Reducing Inequality: Identifying the Lever for Change

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