EMBRacing Technology to Improve Black Youth’s Coping with Racial Discrimination to Reduce Psychosocial Inequalities

How can therapeutic interventions decrease the impact of racial discrimination on Black youth’s mental health?

In this two-part study, Anderson will evaluate the efficacy of EMBRace (Engaging, Managing, and Bonding through Race), a clinical intervention that integrates racial socialization to reduce the effects of discrimination for Black youth, as well as assess the methods by which the program improves racial coping and subsequent psychosocial outcomes for participants. A clinical and community psychologist with mixed-methods, intervention-oriented training, Anderson will develop expertise in advanced clinical trial development and virtual reality narrative conceptualization, development, and deployment with the support of her mentors Velma McBride Murry, University Professor of Health Policy and Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University, and Courtney Cogburn, Associate Professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work.

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