Society for Research in Child Development Preconference Spirit of 2044

This award will provide support for the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)’s preconference “In the Spirit of 2044: Cultural and Contextual Diversity in Collaborative Science.”

The preconference aims to improve the conceptualization and measurement of race and ethnicity in developmental science so that research may better inform mechanisms to reduce inequality in youth outcomes. Participants will explore various ways to conceptualize and measure race and ethnicity. Breakout sessions will focus on working with ethnically diverse samples and multiethnic individuals, and ways to attend to intersectionality. The preconference will also connect researchers studying issues of race and ethnicity with researchers studying policy and interventions. Participants will explore how developmental science research on race and ethnicity can contribute to policy and intervention research. After the meeting, the panelists will write papers that describe ways to more deeply conceptualize and accurately measure race, ethnicity, and culture using various methodological approaches. Papers will offer examples of how a nuanced understanding of race and ethnicity can inform programs, practices, and policies to reduce inequality. Funds from this grant will support registration fees for twenty graduate students and junior faculty of color and a portion of the meeting costs.

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