In Support of NPR’s Coverage of Children, Youth and Families

The grant will support National Public Radio’s continuing coverage of trends and developments that affect children and youth in the United States.

This award will support NPR’s coverage of issues related to children and youth, including efforts to reduce social and economic inequalities. Building upon their 2017 criminal justice collaborative, NPR will continue to cover efforts to reform the juvenile justice system and highlight models that can be replicated across the country at the federal, state, and local levels. They will also examine gender and racial inequities endemic in the system, including potential solutions to these problems. In addition, NPR will continue the podcast Code Switch, which explores how race impacts society, and was named Apple’s first-ever Podcast of the Year in 2020. Code Switch will aim to cover issues related to juvenile justice, immigration, education, policing, and the nation’s continued reckoning with systemic racism.

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