W.T. Grant Foundation Mixed Methods Consultancy

This grant will support consultations for applicants and grantees and a biennial workshop for grantees to build their capacity to conduct mixed-methods research that integrates qualitative and quantitative methods.

The Foundation has provided grantees and select applicants with access to mixed-methods consultation services since 2007 and has supported a mixed-methods workshop since 2008. Deutsch and Debnam, both of whom have extensive experience teaching and mentoring in qualitative and mixed-methods research and proposal development, will provide individual consulting, with particular attention to supporting junior scholars of color. Their consultation service and mixed-methods workshop will be grounded in an approach that focuses on ensuring that applicants and grantees identify the methods best suited to answering their key research questions. Their work also will be driven by a commitment to equity and to critical methodological approaches. In addition to consultations, this grant will support a workshop, the content of which will be based on an in-depth survey of grantees’ needs and will include presentations on basic and advanced mixed-method designs, mixed-method sampling designs, points of integration during data collection, and other specialized topics related to qualitative and mixed-methods research. The workshop will also feature numerous opportunities for community-building and collaboration, such as work groups, individual and team-based consultations, and informal networking opportunities.

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