In Support of NPR’s Coverage of Children, Youth and Families

The grant will support National Public Radio’s (NPR) continuing coverage of trends and developments that affect children and youth in the United States.

The Foundation has funded National Public Radio’s broadcasting since 1986, facilitating national recognition of our organization and mission among general audiences. This year, NPR plans to cover stories on three themes aligned with the Foundation’s mission: education, poverty, and the role of misinformation in education and youth outcomes. NPR’s education coverage will focus on the pandemic’s impact on learning and elevate issues related to teacher shortages and wraparound support services in low-income schools. NPR will also cover themes of youth mental health, special education, and declining student enrollment in schools. As new research emerges on the benefits derived from government spending on children, including better educational outcomes, fewer health problems, lower crime and incarceration rates and higher earnings (and tax payments) when those children become adults, NPR seeks to expand its reporting with a deeper examination of poverty and its wider impact, and what government can do to help.

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