Six New Research Grants to Build Theory and Evidence in our Focus Areas

We are proud to announce six new research grants, including four to support studies on reducing inequality in youth outcomes and two support studies on improving the use of research evidence. Approved at the Foundation’s June Board meeting, these grants will build theory and empirical evidence in our two focus areas.

Research Grants: Reducing Inequality

Do Tribal Casinos Affect Intergenerational Socio-economic Mobility and Reduce Inequality in Native American Children?
Do tribal cash transfers reduce the intergenerational transmission of poverty and improve outcomes for American Indian young adults?

Randall Akee, University of California, Los Angeles, Dept. of Public Policy; Emilia Simeonova, Johns Hopkins University, Business School
7/1/2021–6/30/2024, $432,136

Exploring Family Civics as a Lever for Building Power to Influence Education Among Youth and Parents of Color
Does an intergenerational leadership initiative support families of color in addressing educational inequalities?

Joanna Geller and Gigliana Melzi, New York University, Metro Center; Matthew Diemer, University of Michigan, Dept. of Education
7/1/2021–6/30/2024, $600,000

Who Benefits from the Public Pre-K and Increased K-12 Funding? Dynamic Complementarity in California’s Education Policies
Does increased K-12 funding reduce inequality in academic and social-emotional outcomes, and are the effects stronger in contexts where students have had greater access to state pre-school and pre-kindergarten programs?

Rucker Johnson, University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Public Policy; Sean Tanner, WestED
7/1/2021–6/30/2024, $519,016

The Impact of Black Lives Matter Mobilization on Police Departments’ Policies to Reduce Racial Inequality
Do Black Lives Matter mobilization and policing policy changes reduce police killings of Black youth?

Fernando Tormos-Aponte, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Dept. of Public Policy; Heidi Reynolds-Stenson, Colorado State University, Pueblo, Dept. of Sociology
7/1/2021–6/30/2024, $450,701

Research Grants: Improving the Use of Research Evidence

A Southern California Regional RPP Network for the Comparative Study of Research Use in Anti-Racist Partnerships
How can research-practice partnerships use research in ways that forward anti-racism understanding and action within K-12 schools?

D. Max Crowley and Jennifer Taylor Scott, Pennsylvania State University, Dept. of Human Development & Family Studies, Denisa Gandara, Southern Methodist University, Dept. of Education Policy & Leadership
4/1/2021–3/31/2024, $900,000

The Inception and Impact of Researcher-Policymaker Relationships
Practice/Policy Question: Does a light-touch intervention to connect county legislators with research and researchers improve their use of research evidence?

Adam Levine, Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Health Policy & Management, Elizabeth Day, Cornell University, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs
1/1/2022-6/30/2023, $216,360

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