Webinar and Workshop: Advancing Methods and Measures for Studying the Use of Research Evidence

This half-day series, held in November 2020 in collaboration with the Forum for Youth Investment, includes an overview of four methodological approaches to studying the use of research, as well as a look at an open-access methods repository for assessing the use of research in policy and practice. Four deep-dive workshops into specific methodological approaches offer a hands-on opportunity to understand how each advances research on research use, and the affordances, challenges, and trade-offs inherent in each approach.

Document Analysis Workshop, led by Itzhak Yanovitzky and Calandra Lindstadt, Rutgers University.

Observational Approaches Workshop, led by Cynthia Coburn, Northwestern University, and Alice Huguet, RAND.

Social Network Analysis Workshop, led by Kara Finnigan, University of Rochester, and Alan J. Daly, University of California, San Diego.

Survey Methods Analysis Workshop, led by Liz Farley-Ripple and Henry May, University of Delaware.

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