Research Grants on Improving the Use of Research Evidence: An Overview of the Program and How to Apply

Research evidence can be a powerful resource for policymakers, agency leaders, organizational managers, and others who make high-stakes decisions that shape youth-serving systems. But only if it’s used.

The Foundation’s program of research grants on improving the use of research evidence seeks to address this challenge. We welcome studies that reveal the strategies, mechanisms, or conditions for improving research use, and we encourage evaluations of deliberate efforts to increase routine and beneficial uses of research in decision-making. In addition to studies that build and test theory, we are interested in measurement studies to develop the tools necessary to capture changes in the nature and degree of research use. Finally, we welcome critical perspectives that inform studies’ research questions, methods, and interpretation of findings.

In this webinar, held on June 7, 2023, Program Officer Anupreet Sidhu and Senior Vice President Kim DuMont discuss the background and goals of the program and provide an overview of eligibility details, required materials, and review criteria. Anupreet and Kim also answer questions from attendees and share practical advice on how to prepare a competitive letter of inquiry.

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