Mentoring and Career Development: 2016 Tach and Amorim

Tach has accumulated experience mentoring seven doctoral students in a formal mentoring capacity, serving on committees, supervising research assistantships and collaborating with students on research projects.

Laura Tach is a first-year William T. Grant Scholar. She identifies three learning goals related to mentoring. First, she would like to develop strategies to help students become independent scholars and learn to balance the roles of supervisor and mentor. Second, she wants to learn about opportunities for under-represented students, both on campus and in academia more generally, and connect students to those resources. Finally, she would like to develop time management strategies to balance her own professional responsibilities with the demands of mentoring. The award will support her mentee, Mariana Fernandes da Cunha Loureiro Amorim, a Latin American first-year doctoral student in the Policy Analysis and Management Department at Cornell University. Amorim’s research focuses on children in multi-generational families, specifically how the pivotal contributions of grandparents to their well-being might shed light on potential policies for reducing inequality in their social, economic, and emotional outcomes. She has three goals for this award: to develop her mixed-methods research skills; to grow her network with scholars in her field; and to learn how to be an independent scholar by adding her own project to Laura’s existing research, and publishing at least one first-authored paper.

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