R3: Stories and Numbers: Creating Safe Schools for LGBT Youth in Texas

Russell, Equality Texas, and the Texas Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network will collaborate to bring research to bear on advocacy efforts to promote safer and more supportive schools for LGBTQ youth in Texas.

The rights of transgender and gender nonconforming youth in Texas schools are under threat, and the Texas state legislature is no longer a feasible means for making progress on protecting sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) rights. Stephen Russell will partner with Texas Genders & Sexualities Alliance(GSA) Network and Equality Texas to examine crucial questions related to LBGTQ youth. Informed by a review of existing research on SOGI issues in education, the team will develop model policies and best practices designed for implementation in schools, and a toolkit to build the capacity of students, parents, and education professionals to combine the key findings from research with their personal stories of school experiences and needs. Texas GSA Network and Equality Texas will then train student and parent groups to conduct advocacy efforts that leverage these products to advocate for research-informed policy change and ensure safer school climates for LGBTQ students.

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