#RealCollege: A National Convening of Food and Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates

This grant will provide support for the #RealCollege National Convening on food and housing insecurity among undergraduate students

The Wisconsin HOPE Lab recently published a report on food and housing insecurity among college students from low- and moderate-income backgrounds, noting a lack of research on how to effectively address these issues to improve these students’ odds of degree completion. The #RealCollege convening will seek to connect practitioners, policymakers, philanthropists, and researchers to reduce food and housing insecurity among undergraduates. The convening will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Milwaukee Area Technical College, a public two-year college with a high proportion of low-income students experiencing food and housing insecurity. Participants will include about 250 service providers, policymakers, philanthropists, students, faculty, and researchers involved in this issue. Keynote speakers will include Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, Ted Mitchell, and Senator Tammy Baldwin. Sessions will be designed to connect service providers so that they can coordinate their work and learn from each other’s experiences; connect policymakers, service providers, and researchers to design an effective policy agenda; identify current knowledge and gaps in research; and spark data collection efforts and research in this field.

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