Transforming Evidence Network

This grant will support the launch of the Transforming Evidence Network.

With this grant, the Pew Charitable Trusts will partner with the William T. Grant Foundation, Annette Boaz, and Kathryn Oliver to launch the Transforming Evidence Network. The Network will build on the Foundation’s annual convening on the use of research evidence, which began as a grantee meeting a decade ago and has since become a cross-sector, international meeting that brings together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners focused on improving the use of research evidence. The new Network will organize biennial conferences beginning in 2022, which further expand the Foundation’s convenings to include a broader set of attendees that spans nations, policy areas, and disciplines. In the years between the biennial meetings, the team will organize smaller workshops on issues related to the use of research evidence, such as methods (e.g., measuring research use and impact), work within regions (e.g., North America, Europe, etc.), or emerging issues (e.g., responding to the pandemic, integrating critical race perspectives). In addition to the meetings, Pew staff and consultants will engage additional stakeholders in the Network, build a strong international and cross-sector community, as well as develop longer term sustainability plans.

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