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to Improve the Lives of Young People

The William T. Grant Foundation invests in high-quality research to ensure that young people from diverse backgrounds reach their fullest potential.

William T. Grant Foundation Events, Washington DC

Upcoming Events: Roundtable on Research Use in Education Policy and Capitol Hill Forum on Community College Opportunities and Challenges

Learn about the use of research-based evidence to inform education policy and practice, and hear from the lead author of The New Forgotten Half and others as we discuss strategies to improve opportunities for community college students.

Responses to Inequality in the U.S. and Europe

Leveling the Playing Field: A Comparative View of U.S. and European Responses to Inequality

By Timothy M. Smeeding

What can U.S. policymakers and researchers learn from European nations about how to reduce social inequality and improve social mobility? In what ways are European policies less likely to generate inequality and more likely to respond to inequality than those in the U.S.?

Research Grants and Distinguished Fellowships Deadlines

Upcoming Deadlines for Research Grants and Distinguished Fellowships

Letters of inquiry for William T. Grant Foundation research grants and Distinguished Fellowships are due by 3:00 p.m. on May 5, 2015. After May, the next application deadline will be August 4, 2015.



Disparities in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Mental Health Services in the U.S.

In the final report in our series focusing on areas where research may yield new responses to inequality, Margarita Alegría and colleagues outline disparities in mental health and mental health services for minority youth. Taking a developmental perspective, the authors explore four areas that may give rise to inequalities in mental health outcomes, highlight differential roles of specific barriers and protective factors, and, finally, provide an agenda for future research.