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December 2022

Applying for Grants

Understanding why an intervention produces statistically significant outcomes requires moving away from studies that treat participation as the main variable of interest and toward those that analyze the materials and activities within an intervention as malleable factors that influence youth outcomes.

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Featured Work

Local policymakers often lack rigorous data and analysis about which programs are most effective. But too often academics do not apply their knowledge to the most pressing policy issues in these local contexts. This creates a “valley of death” between knowledge and practice that leaves many local policy problems unadressed. As local institutions, universities have […]

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Scholars Program

The William T. Grant Foundation is pleased to announce the finalists for the William T. Grant Scholars Program class of 2028. Eleven early-career researchers were selected from a pool of 43 applicants after a rigorous review by our staff and Selection Committee. Melissa Wooten, the program officer managing the program, said, “It’s very promising to […]

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