Consequences of the Within-Race Gender Imbalance in the College Campus Setting

How does gender imbalance on college campuses affect young women and men’s dating, relationships, and well-being?

This project focuses on the effects of college gender imbalances, which disproportionately affect black students. She plans to examine (1) the association between gender imbalance and students’ heterosexual relationship behaviors; (2) the pathways through which those behaviors appear to affect students’ psychological and physical well-being; and (3) whether and how the campus gender imbalance affects students’ beliefs and goals regarding relationships, marriage, and work. Keels will receive mentoring support from Vivian Gadsden, William T. Carter Professor of Child Development and Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and Stephanie Lanza, research associate professor of health and human development and scientific director of the Methodology Center at Pennsylvania State University.

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