Issues in Evidence Based Policy Making in US

This award supports the development of fifteen papers on the evidence-based policy movement for a volume of The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

The fifteen chapters will present the background and major elements of the evidence-based policy movement, the contributions and roles of different institutions (including federal agencies, funders, and nonprofits), the significance of the evidence-based policy movement, and a policymaker’s view on using evidence to shape federal social policy. The grant will support a two-day author’s conference in June 2017, during which Ron Haskins, the editor of the volume, will convene all chapter authors and a reader for each chapter to get feedback on each chapter’s draft. The authors and readers include researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The volume also includes chapters authored by current grantee Rebecca Maynard (“Increasing the Focus on Evidence in Federal Agencies and Federal Grant Programs”), Bob Granger, former president of the William T. Grant Foundation (“The Role of Foundations”), and Adam Gamoran, current president of the Foundation (“The limits and possibilities of evidence-based policy: A cautionary note”). Funds from this grant will be used to support the expenses associated with the author’s conference, including travel, room, food, and audio-visual costs. The Arnold Foundation will also contribute $5,000 toward conference expenses.

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