Tracking the Research Evidence from Group Randomized Trials in Education

What happens to findings from studies funded by the federal Institute of Education Sciences (IES)?

Since 2002, IES has funded more than 100 evaluation studies of programs and practices in an effort to establish rigorous evidence about their effectiveness. Of these, studies funded prior to 2005 are now complete and their findings are being disseminated. Spybrook will examine a subset of these studies and assess the extent to which their findings are reaching research and practice audiences. She will identify various dissemination outlets (e.g., academic journals and conferences, practice guides, practitioner publications and conferences), the frequency with which the different outlets cover findings from these studies, and the time lag between when a study is funded and when the research evidence is disseminated. Results from Spybrook’s study will help further our understanding of how and to whom research evidence from experimental studies is distributed.

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