Measuring Educator’s Use of Research Evidence from Intermediary Websites Seeking to Support Social Emotional Learning

How can websites targeted at education practitioners be more effectively leveraged to promote the use of research evidence?

Valerie B. Shapiro will explore how research-brokering websites can better engage educators to improve the acquisition and use of research evidence. In this multi-part project, Shapiro will first use data science approaches and usability research methods to examine their practicality and utility for organizations that share research online, as well as carry out experiments to assess user responses, collect feedback and insights from educators and website producers, and conduct construct validation studies for measuring the use of research evidence. Shapiro has expertise in measuring complex constructs related to the alignment of social emotional learning research and practice. Her mentors, Marti Hearst, Professor at the U.C. Berkeley School of Information and Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and Meredith Honig, Professor of Education Policy, Organizations, and Leadership at the University of Washington, will support Shapiro in stretching her expertise to incorporate new methods, theories, and approaches in the measurement of research use.

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