The Digest: Issue 1

The introductory issue of the William T. Grant Foundation Digest features essays and commentary on the value of qualitative and mixed-methods research in reducing inequality and the potential for researcher access to big data to yield useful research evidence.
Identifying Responses to Inequality, Part 1

Why Qualitative Research?

By Vivian Louie

We believe that qualitative and mixed-methods research is essential to building, understanding, testing, and improving responses to inequality.

Forging a Path Toward Better Youth Outcomes, Part 1

Using Data to Produce Useful Research Evidence

By Kim DuMont, Timothy M. Smeeding

What steps can we take to ensure that access to big data leads to the production of high-quality, useful research evidence?

Forging a Path Toward Better Youth Outcomes, Part 2

Moving from Data to Research to Policy: What Does it Take?

By Kim DuMont, Timothy M. Smeeding

The potential of big data is multiplied when researchers are able to use it to produce work that is relevant to the leaders who make decisions about policies and practices that affect young people.

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